A little taste of Canada. Naturally sweet. Divinely pure.

Is there a more beloved symbol of Canada than maple syrup? We think not! At Pure Sappiness, we’re crazy about our sweetest national treasure and cannot wait to share our unique creation with you.

Locally made the family way

Pure Sappiness maple syrup is lovingly handcrafted at a family farm in Wellesley Ontario, where maple syrup has been a passion and a tradition for generations. For our syrup, we purposely chose a dark variety made from sap drawn late in the season. Why? Because we just love its rich, distinctive flavour and colour — without the cloying sweetness of lighter varieties. 

No artificial flavours, no dyes, no preservatives, and no sugar added. Just pure, natural, maple syrupy goodness. Mmmm….

Safety done sweetly

To ensure the highest standards for quality and safety, our maple syrup is produced in the federally certified facility located on the farmstead. That means strict protocols are followed for preparing and bottling our syrup, unlike many maple syrups on the market. Each bottle is carefully date stamped with a best-before date and lot number. 

Our unique, reusable design

We chose an elegant bourbon-style bottle to highlight the quality of the contents and to make for an easy, more controlled pour. A little goes a long way, but when the syrup’s all gone (sniff), the bottle can easily be reused or recycled.

The perfect crowd-pleasing gourmet gift 

Packaged in a charming, gift-ready bottle, Pure Sappiness makes a lovely gift on its own — or as a sweet addition to a gift basket or care package. It’s the gift friends, family, and anyone who enjoys the taste of insanely delicious maple syrup will appreciate. Of course, you will always want to have a bottle on hand for yourself, too!

We can’t wait for you to experience the happiness of our Pure Sappiness.

Breakfast is just the beginning.

Our dark maple syrup is a classic go-to for pancakes and waffles, of course. But it’s also beautiful for baking, salad dressings, fish or meat glazes, ice cream toppings, coffee and tea.

Oh, did we mention cocktails? And since it has a deeper flavour, dark maple syrup is incredible in smoothies, curries and anything spicy that could use a little earthy sweetness. It’s the ideal straight-from-nature, vegan sweetener.

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